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Steel has been a significant component of every construction and infrastructure project in Australia and around the globe. Because of steel, it has shaped the nation we have right now in the form of bridges, motorways, sport stadiums, buildings and many other major infrastructure projects – where we play, work, and even live.

As of today, the steel industry continues to be essential to economic growth. Additionally, steel is a crucial part of every construction to make it long-lasting. Especially now with the dwindling resources we have on the planet, including limited timber resources in Australia, steel has become an even more highly sought after material in construction.

Over the years, Australian steel companies have constantly been growing as their products are experiencing significant demand. Because of this, over 100,000 Australians were given a chance to work in the steel industry. With this industry’s economic growth, it is advised to support your local steel suppliers and companies now more than ever.

Why Choose Australian Steel Suppliers?

Australia has a long list of expert, high-quality steel companies that have evolved over the years. These companies also cater to a wide selection of services for every project in need. The services include structural design, steel manufacture, detailing, fabrication, surface treatment, and construction services.

These companies have proven their credibility by working on major and minor projects, providing high-quality results and building rapport with their clients. While these services make a good argument for choosing Australian steel companies for your projects, there are other reasons why you need to choose them.


Collaborating with Australian steel companies for your project will help you minimise cost, especially when collaborating early with them. Their proponents and partners can determine the cost savings that can be implemented into the project as early as possible. By implementing construction protocols and practices, contractors can benefit from it through ‘protected’ cash flows.

Moreover, it is easier to collaborate when the supplier or contractors you’re hiring are familiar with the Australian standards before doing the groundwork. In that way, there will only be a minimal cost for re-work, if any at all. Finally, paying suppliers overseas will be costly because of additional bank fees, transportation costs and delays, and other associated costs.

High-Quality Output

Steel is the backbone of every infrastructure and construction project in Australia. It helps every project to be more robust and is much more durable and long lasting. Because of that, it will be a disaster to produce poor quality fabricated steelwork.

As mentioned earlier, collaborating with Australian steel companies will be easier as they know the industry’s national standards. From manufacturing to coatings application, a long list of Australian standards exist at every step. Furthermore, local steel manufacturers hold an ISO 9001, known as Quality Management System Accreditation.

Proven track record

Most domestic steel manufacturers have technical teams with vast experience in the construction industry, making them highly-skilled at what they do.

Additionally, the construction workforce is also trained with the latest steel fabrication techniques and welding processes to provide the best construction processes.

Finally, the country’s vast mining and processing industries have been continuously increasing for decades, making the steel industry more competitive. Thus, local steel companies are capable of handling major projects while delivering quality.

Now that you know the reasons why you need to support local steel manufacturers, it’s time to understand how our steel rebar is manufactured.

How is Steel Rebar Manufactured?

  1. Steel is collected from different steel mill resources and placed on a large ladle. The steel will be melted of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Once the steel is completely melted, the steel will be poured into a series of casters, which will give the steel its shape. When the steel is shaped, this will be known as billet.
  3. After leaving the casters, the long steel rebar goes into the roughing mill, where it is bent into shapes that are needed.
  4. After the roughing mill section, the billets will now go through the rolling mill’s intermediate chamber. In this section, the billets will begin to take shape into bars.
  5. Once done, the bars will pass through the finishing section, which gives its final shape.
  6. The bars will enter the cutting section, where they will be cut into specific lengths as programmed by the mill operator.
  7. Once cut, the bars will exit to the cooling section to cool down at room temperature before the bars are sheared into their final length as requested by the customer.
  8. Finally, the rebars will be bundled using an automatic bundling system, depending on the client’s specifications. After which, it will be transported to the construction site.

At Carrabay Rebar, we are proud of producing the best steel products for our clients. We guarantee that each product is made with high-quality materials.

We also want to serve it quickly to our clients. Our Express Steel Manufacturing Service is the first in this industry. We are ready to accommodate your order and deliver it as fast as 24 hours.


Steel helps every construction more sturdy and would help last for a lifetime. Because of this, the steel industry has been increasing for many decades. When planning your construction, it is important now more than ever to consider doing business with Australian steel companies.

Supporting local steel companies are advantageous as they are cost-saving, provide high-quality output, and have a proven track record of doing work on both major and minor projects.

Our steel rebar is manufactured 24/7/365, depending on the materials available. Knowing how tedious and time-consuming it is, it will not be possible without the help of high-quality machines and equipment.

At Carrabay Rebar, we use the latest technologies to provide you with quality output. We know you want your project to be completed fast without compromising the quality of materials. Our Express Steel Manufacturing Service will be the best option for you.

Want to know more about this service? Give us a call now!

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