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As a contender in the construction field, we know it is essential to get contractors who can finish the project fast while being cost-efficient. Luckily, our company has the exact same values you’re looking for. Carrabay Rebar is the leading steel rebar supplier in Australia, with proven experience working with tunnels, civil construction, commercial and residential developments, bridges, and many more. We have also worked with popular projects in Australia like Westconnex and Sydney Metro.

Looking for the perfect company to manage your project? Here is why you need to choose Carrabay Rebar for your next infrastructure.

Carrabay Rebar offers high-quality steel rebar supplies

Rebar or reinforced steel is one of the most popular construction supplies used globally. It is a mix of concrete and reinforcement. Reinforced concrete is created by embedding steel to fresh concrete in a manner that the two materials act together in resisting forces. Using reinforcement bar or rebar in construction can provide more strength to the concrete. Concrete alone cannot withstand shear stresses caused by wind, vibration, earthquakes, and other natural forces. Because of that, it needs the help of steel rebars that can provide tensile strength to the structure.

Our company is the leading steel rebar supplier and manufacturer in Australia. We claim to be such because we don’t kid around about our flagship product’s quality, our rebar. While other contractors use different materials to reinforce concrete, we only use steel since it expands in the heat and cold, just like concrete. Therefore, it will not crack the concrete that surrounds the steel, unlike other materials used.

Our steel rebars offer the following:

  • Reinforcing bar and fabric mesh are all manufactured to AS/NZS 4671:2001
  • Available rebar diameters range from 12mm to 40mm
  • For custom, complex orders, we offer standard lengths from 6m to 15m
  • Raw materials needed are sourced from registered Australian suppliers
  • Rebars’ bending and shaping compliant have passed Australian Standards
  • Various rebar grade range includes deformed rebar and round bar at D500N and 250N, respectively.

Carrabay Rebar is not just a rebar supplier

Our company does not stop by supplying steel rebars. We can also install it for you! We are made of a fantastic team of tradespeople and construction professionals who are highly skilled in project management, making Carrabay Rebar not just your typical steel supplier. Let us take your projects onboard and manage the tasks involve from planning through pre-pour checks. Since the beginning of our company, we have manufactured every single steel in-house. Along with that, we already installed over 15,000 tonnes of rebar and placed countless cubic meters of concrete and formwork headed by our project managers on some of Australia’s well-known infrastructures.

Choosing Carrabay Rebar to do the work, you will experience:

  • No hassle and waste! Since we are responsible for manufacturing and installing steel, we are accountable for all the things you need for your project.
  • Rebar specialists will help you every step of the way. We have a team of high-calibre tradesmen to manage your plan.
  • Experienced labour hires are available for an hourly rate, which will be included in your FRP package.
  • Developed project efficiencies with our team as we will also work with you in multiple functions.
  • A certified 100% Australian-made products that add up to your local procurement quotas.
  • Working with a fully ACRS certified supplier working with an ISO 9001 accredited facility.
  • Less risk because of only one involved supplier.
  • Reduced cost, which would lead to lesser errors.

We strive to be the best, not just the biggest. Thus, we work harder to provide seamless packages to our clients and surpass our clients’ expectations.

Carrabay Rebar does not only provide reinforced bars

Another product we can offer to our clients is our prefabricated reinforcement cage. We usually provide this to clients to increase productivity measures in construction. Our prefabricated reinforcement cages are made through the process of prefabrication. Prefabrication is the process of creating the building’s components off-site, usually in a factory, then transported them to the final location where they will be built entirely.

In that case, the prefabricated reinforcement cages will be done within our manufacturing warehouse. Once done, the cages will be delivered to the site. Prefabricating off-site has many advantages, including:

  • Cost-effective
  • Environment-friendly
  • Flexibility
  • Less construction time
  • Minimum business interruption

We can extend other services, such as form reo pour, steel fixing, modular construction, pile cages, reo bar supply, concrete accessories, and additional rebar products.

Carrabay Rebar is trusted by well-known developers and clients

Carrabay has experience working on many infrastructures and projects already, including tunnels, commercial, civil, solar, mining, and farm projects. Some notable projects in Australia include Westconnex and Sydney Metro.

We listen and understand our clients vision for their project, and we deliver it with our best foot forward. Clients trust us because we do the job fast and accurate. We aim to get the job right the first time- and when we make mistakes, we address and solve them right away. Moreover, errors are greatly reduced since we also manufacture our rebars. That way, we make sure it’s right on site.


Our company has proven its place as the leading steel rebar supplier in Australia. Many clients are happy with our service for many reasons. We provide high-quality steel rebar supplies for many project and infrastructures, offer more than just supplying steel rebars, render other construction services, and most importantly, we get the job done fast and accurately. There is nothing you wouldn’t love about it.

Let your voice be heard, and your vision become a reality. Let us help you build your goal! Choose Carrabay Rebar as your credible and reliable partner for your next project. Get in touch with us today.

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Carrabay Rebar is a welcomed FRP company to the Sydney construction and infrastructure circuit based in Riverwood in Sydney’s West. Our combination of services allows us to take care of rebar supply, steel fixing, formwork construction and concrete placement – all in one package. With proven experience working on tunnels, civil, commercial, solar, mining and wind farm construction projects.

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