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You can rely on Carrabay to provide the right advice and products, especially when it comes to your concrete accessories needs. One of our goals is to help you make your job easier by understanding your requirements on concrete supplies inside out. We want to be your go-to shop when you need concrete accessories and tools that deliver outstanding results.

Visit our world of sturdy concrete accessories for domestic, industrial, and commercial applications. We understand Australia’s harsh environment, so we make sure our concrete placement services can withstand the test of unforgiving elements to ensure your maximum satisfaction.  Our strict quality assurance test makes sure that you only get the best products available in the concrete industry.

Plastic Chairs

Used to set the reinforcing bar and mesh to the correct position within the concrete cover. Widely used in applications including polystyrene pod slabs, slab-on-ground, and swimming pools. Size range 30mm-400mm.

• Plastic chairs – size range 30mm – 400mm

Slab on the ground

They are made from reinforced concrete poured into formwork on-site. Most slab shortcomings on ground construction are because of faults or oversight of workmanship than the materials used for the concrete itself. We consider all these to make sure you get the best slab on ground ideal for construction purposes.

• Slab on ground – size range 30mm – 400mm

Wall/vertical cage spacers

These tools are used to ensure consistent placement of reinforcement in slabs. It also keeps the reinforcement in its place after pouring concrete and prevents the wire spacer from sinking into the ground. Support reinforcement bars in a concrete slab.

• Wall / vertical cage spacers – size range 40mm – 90mm

Wire tipped chairs

Primarily used to support reinforcing bar and mesh in suspended slabs, beams, and formwork. Wire tipped chairs. Also known as wire bar chairs or metal bar chairs are used to support rebar and mesh in concrete structures. The tips of the feet are coated with plastic film to avoid corrosion.

• Wire tipped chairs- size range 30mm – 400mm

Concrete spacers (aspros)

A tool essentially used to maintain reinforcements in the most suitable position and keep the proper distance between the walls before and during the construction.

• Concrete spacers (aspros) – size range 30mm – 85mm

Tie Wire

Our rebar tie wire comes in handy in securing bundles of metal or other materials.
It is useful not just in construction but also for agriculture, gardening, and manufacturing industries as tying wire and decoration.


Carrabay does not only supply concrete accessories and reinforced bars. You can find additional rebar products from us, such as couplers, galvanising, stainless steel products, and Connolly joints.


In construction, when the length of the rebars is not enough for the entire length of the elements, couplers are used to join two bar lengths together. Steel couplers (or sometimes called ‘mechanical couplers’) consists of a sleeve that is threaded into which the bars to be joined can be screwed. There are many types of couplers available in the market. The most common couplers include

1. Parallel threads coupler
2. Shear bolts coupler
3. Wedge locking sleeves
4. Metal sleeve swaged into bars


One of the most common hot dipping service known is galvanising. Galvanising refers to the coating of zinc over iron or steel to avoid getting corrosion that is  generally caused by being exposed to different atmospheric conditions. The advantages of galvanising covers

1. Minimal maintenance cost
2. Sustainable lifespan
3. 100% non-corrosive
4. Environmentally friendly

Stainless Steel Products

Other than our flagship steel rebars, we also offer stainless steel products like Austenitic, Ferritic, Duplex, Martensitic, and Precipitation Hardening.

1. Austenitic. Austenitic stainless steels are the most common among all the stainless steels. It has high corrosion resistance, making it a good material for kitchen cutlery and storage components.

2. Ferritic. Ferritic stainless steels are magnetic stainless steel products commonly used to stress erosion cracking. It is mostly used as material for car parts, kitchenware, and industrial entities.

3. Duplex. Duplex stainless steels are a mix of the first two stainless steel mentioned. However, duplex steel is stronger than austenitic and ferritic.

4. Martensitic. This type of steel is similar to ferritic, but it composes of more carbon than ferritic. Ferritic only has 0.10% carbon, while martensitic has around 1% of it.

5. Precipitation hardening. Precipitation hardening stainless steel are classed as martensitic or semi-austenitic. Their strength and hardness are enhanced through a variety of heat treatments. These are mostly used in aircraft components, flat springs, and retaining rings.

Connolly joints and products

Connolly products are widely used to join concrete slabs together. Their joints include Biscuit Plate Dowels, Key Joint, Expansion, Joint, and Universal Dowels. Other accessories such as safety caps, joint cappings, dowels, and inducers are available at Carrabay as additional attachments to your package.

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