Our Story

Credible. Reliable. Change Makers.

After working in the construction industry for just shy of a
decade, Carrabay Founder & CEO, Brian Flannelly decided
that a stale industry needed to be shaken up. The way things
are done hadn’t been improved or innovated for decades before
the Carrabay Team came on the scene and Brian wanted to
revolutionise the way things were done in concrete construction
and rebar supply.

Carrabay was started in 2015 as a humble outfit in Sydney’s
Western Suburbs with just Brian and a few loyal committed
FRP tradesmen at the helm.

With an insatiable desire to bridge the gap between unreliable
Rebar supply chains to the FRP delivery teams onsite, Carrabay
was redesigned and since have built a multidisciplinary team
consisting of over 80 FRP tradesmen, detailing and manufacturing, pre-fabricating and Management staff.

We have the vision of becoming Australia’s leading FRP +
Rebar supply solution and aim to provide our clients with a
stress-free program and remove any budget concerns that have
been apparent in our industry for most projects.

We understand what keeps project managers awake at night and
how too often budgets are blown out with unforeseen surprises
in regards to steel costs.

We know that Reinforcing steel is known to be the most
difficult raw material to manage and cost track, so with absolute
confidence and authority, we throw our hat in the ring and offer
lump-sum pricing on steel supply & FRP contracts all delivered
on time and on budget by one company – Carrabay.

The element that sets Carrabay apart is that everything we offer
is self-performed and managed under one roof providing an end
to end vertically integrated service, from detailing, rebar cut &
bending, offsite prefabrication, steel fixing, concrete placement
and formwork. Back this up with our world-class support team
and you can easily see why we are known as “credible reliable

We are redefining the definition of “value add” within the space
we operate. We are solidified on the mission to support your
success for contracts and career by raising the bar on service
and quality.

Back in 2015, steel fixer Brian Flannelly was fed up. 

He had been working on construction sites fixing steel for nearly ten years, and was sick of the inefficient and error-prone operators in the industry. The wrong rebar was routinely arriving on site, leaving his crew to hack the job together at the last minute and hope for the best. Too often, he and his team would be stood down when the steel was wrong, blowing out the project schedule and putting the whole workforce under unnecessary stress. 

When Brian had been stood down after yet another incorrect steel delivery turned up, he decided to take charge and do something about it. 

The current industry players were too focused on manufacturing without any regard for the teams in the trenches that were actually making the project happen. Often, 10% of steel arriving on site was sent straight to scrap, costing the contractor money and delaying the project. 

There had to be a better way to get the job done.

What if a rebar supplier actually took responsibility – not just for pumping out the steel, but for the FRP Delivery as well?

Carrabay was formed with a singular vision: to take charge of the complete, end-to-end supply of Rebar and FRP Delivery to save time and money on-site.

By using a completely in-house scheduling and manufacturing process, coupled with a flexible crew of skilled tradespeople, Carrabay provides an Australian-first service to civil contractors and infrastructure projects.

We can freight cages to service our FRP Contracts Australia Wide. Our off-site steel and cage prefabrication allow for just-in-time delivery, increasing installation speed on-site and simplifying logistics, as well as significantly reducing errors.

Delivering extraordinary
efficiency to your project

By offering our clients both the steel manufacturing component, as well as access to a fully trained and efficient FRP workforce, we can deliver agile solutions to your construction project. Our combination of services allows us to take care of rebar supply, steel fixing, formwork construction and concrete placement – all in one package. 

This means you are dealing with one supplier who can project-manage your FRP contract, delivering high-calibre products and efficient installations bolstered by meticulous service.

By managing the cutting and bending, pre-fabrication and placement of rebar, we also add value through identifying solutions for unforeseen engineering issues – before they blow out into complex, costly problems. 

We strive for perfection, show complete accountability, and we’re committed to raising the bar on service and quality.

Capability Statement

To fully appreciate what we offer and understand exactly how we are changing our industry, we encourage you to download our Capability Statement.

In this brochure, you will find information on our service offerings, how we are changing a stale industry and some information about the projects and core customers that we’ve worked with. We also have included a back story about how Carrabay Group was formed to add value and solve industry issues and a section on Our Deeper Why which details why we get out of bed in the morning and why we do what we do.

Essentially we have two divisions, one being our Reo cutting, bending and modular reinforcement solutions known as Carrabay Rebar, and the other is our Civil & FRP division offering an end-to-end solution for your Civil and Infrastructure projects which is our mothership; simply termed “Carrabay”

Carrabay is supporting your success by raising the bar on service and quality.

Download our capability statement to find out more about what drives us to be change-makers – in all areas of our lives.

Key Facts:

Proven experience working on tunnels, civil, private, solar, mining and wind farm construction projects, as well as some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects such as Westconnex and Sydney Metro

Cutting and bending a wide range of steel diameters and lengths along with prefabricated cages

Flexible labour hire options including trusted and experienced steel fixers, formwork carpenters, concrete placement specialists, skilled labourers and machine operators

Headquartered in Riverwood, Sydney with Australia wide reach

Able to provide any combination of rebar cutting and bending, pre-fabrication or a complete turnkey package for FRP contracts

Integrity and accuracy across all disciplines with full pre-qualification capability meeting all WHS requirements

Specialising in a solutions-based approach to cutting and bending, pre-fabrication and FRP Contracts

AS/NZS 4671.2001 ACRS Certified steel supplier with ISO9001, Green Star and Australian Made qualifications