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Xpress Service Pricing

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Product Code Mass (kg/lineal m) length (lineal m/ tonne)
N10 0.64 1152
N12 0.93 1077
N16 1.65 605
N20 2.58 387
N24 3.71 269
N28 5.05 198
N32 6.59 151
N36 8.35 119
N40 10.3 97
  1. Select the diameter of bar from the dropdown menu.
  2. Calculate the length of your bars required and multiply by number of pieces to calculate your lineal metre.
  3. Choose from one of the available delivery speed.
  4. Press “calculate” to view your instant live quote.
Bar Diameter

Lineal Metre

Delivery Speed
Bar Diameter Lineal Metre Delivery Speed Price

All Xpress Orders Must be placed online via our form. If would like to place your order request, please click the button below to processed.

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We just need few more details from you in order to process your order

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Manufacturing of goods will only begin once payment is received, except for purchased orders for existing clients only with an acount. We will call you to confirm the job specs before getting started.

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